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Наталия БучинскаяBiography:

Natalia Lyubomyrivna Buchynska was born in Lviv, Ukraine on April 28, 1977.  Her father was a dentist and mother worked as a commodity specialist.  Although her parents were not musical, they loved music and enjoyed singing at home, which was the reason she loved music and the Ukrainian song.  Her first performances were for her family and friends.


At five years old, the family moved to Ternopil.   She sang in the school choir, and attended voice lessons three times a week, developing her talent at an early age.  Through the eleventh grade, she participated in an artistic group, which performed at the Ternopil Cultural Center, “Berezil”.   She graduated from the Ivan Franko Ternopil high school.  She wanted to pursue a musical career, but completing her education and perfoming were not possible in Ternopil.  She entered the Ternopil Academy of National Economy, now, the National Economic University, specializing in audit and control, and in 2005 completed her studies at the Kyiv University of artistic culture, as an Artistic Director.  

longoneMusical Career:

In her first year at the university, Natalia took part in many vocal competitions and musical festivals.  In 1995, she won first prize in the contest “Miss Academy”, and in February of that year finished first in the “Chervona Ruta” (Red Rue) Festival.

Natalia, participated in many festivals, including “Young Halychyna”, “Spivanochka Jazz-ochka”, “Song will be among us”, “Melody”, and was winner of “Song of the Year” from 1995-1998.

 In 1998, she traveled to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, at the request of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.  After auditioning, she was chosen as a soloist.  At this time, she met her future director and artistic mentor Leonid Radchenko.  In this same year, her song "Listen, the rustling rain" became "Song of the Year".

Natalia became the youngest People's Artist of Ukraine. She performed at over 800 concerts. Her repertoire includes over 160 songs.  She performs songs in Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian, English and French. Her songs are mainly written by Nicolo Petrasha, Yuri Rybchynsky, Ruslan Quinta, Vladimir Matetskiy, and others.  

Personal Life:

In 2001 she married a serviceman, Oleksander Yakushev, and in 2002 gave birth to a baby girl, Kateryna.

As a soloist in a musical ensemble, Natalia was awarded a special rank of Lieutenant of Internal Service.  She took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, and in 2004 she graduated from the Kyiv Academy of Internal Affairs with a rank of police Major.


 “That which words can’t say”

 “Girl – Spring” in 2004

 “Soul” in 2008, “Evening of Love” in 2011.


Her many Video clips include:

“Forgive-Farewell, “My Ukraine” – 2003,

“Victory” – 2004

“Girl-Spring” – 2004

“Sinful Love” – 2005

“First Love” – 2006

“Soul” – 2007

“Best Friend” – 2011

“Next Love – 2012

“All for You” - 2013